DEMI CENTRAL: Exclusive Interview – Part 1 of 2!

I got to talk to Demi Lovato on the phone for around 15 minutes and talked about her latest TV show series she’s on, “Sonny With A Chance”, her other Disney Channel roles (on “Camp Rock” and “The Princess Protection Program”), her music, upcoming album, and we get personal learning about her growing up. Did we mention, we asked a few random questions as well about things like: The movie, Mean Girls, her fashion sense, Honor Society, and Meatloaf Wednesday.

DEMI CENTRAL: “Sonny With A Chance” debuted in February, what is your favorite thing about filming the show and as well as having a live audience at tapings?
DEMI LOVATO: My favorite thing about filming “Sonny With A Chance” is just that l love working with the cast and like especially when there is a live audience taping. Like there is so much energy that takes over the entire set, you can’t help but have fun.

DEMI CENTRAL: Do you feel as if “Sonny With A Chance” like a 2nd home to you?
DEMI LOVATO: I do, I spent so much time here at work, I definitely feel like it’s a 2nd home.

DEMI CENTRAL: Do you feel like the cast is a 2nd family?
DEMI LOVATO: Yeah, no, I do especially with Tiffany (Thornton), we become… Yeah, especially with Tiffany, I become close with her, she’s like a sister.

DEMI CENTRAL: Your character on the show gets to be on her favorite TV show, If you could be on one of your favorite TV shows, what would it be and why?
DEMI LOVATO: I think I would want to be on “30 Rock” and that’s because the comedy on that show is so funny. Tina Fey is like my comedy idol and I think it would be a honor to just be on that show.

DEMI CENTRAL: You got to be cast as Mitchie Torres in “Camp Rock”, for “Camp Rock 2”, What are your hopes for your character?
DEMI LOVATO: I really hope that… I mean like I really don’t care were the character goes. I hope that maybe she learns to like have a good time… you know or maybe there is another guy at the camp or something or other, somebody other than Joe? So, I think that would be fun thing to play.

DEMI CENTRAL: “The Princess Protection Program” is coming out this year, what do you see as the moral of the story, that girls can lean from it.
DEMI LOVATO: I think girls can learn that, if you know, like, no matter what, appreciate what you have, basically. And no matter what situation that you live in, I think the movie will learn teach you to be thankful for, whether you are living in Louisiana or a Palace. I think that people should be thankful for who they are and not on whose trying to be popular or whatever.

DEMI CENTRAL: For your deluxe edition coming out end of March, what is “Behind Enemy Lines” about and what inspired you to write it? [NOTE: Sorry I said “Behind The Lines”, I meant “Behind Enemy Lines”].
DEMI LOVATO: “Behind Enemy Lines” is a song basically about, kind of like surrendering to falling in love with somebody, obvious in the beginning of the song like I talk about how I am attracted to person and we have a connection. At first, I was fighting on the other side and now I am walking with the enemy lines.

DEMI CENTRAL: Is there anything else going to be added to the Deluxe Edition that we (fans) can look forward to?
DEMI LOVATO: Yeah! I am not sure exactly what they choose to re-add into the album, I am just really excited for “Behind Enemy Lines”…

DEMI CENTRAL: How is the progress going for your new album and what do you say is the “sound” may be more like?
DEMI LOVATO: Going great! I meet up with a lot of people and I’ve done a lot of writing by myself too. There is this one song in particular that I am really excited about that I wrote by myself. This album will be little more soulful… hopefully songs that will showcase my voice more than rock does.

DEMI CENTRAL: You mentioned having a tour sometime, what do you think fans should expect, and is there anyone in particular you would want to join you on tour?
DEMI LOVATO: This summer, I am just really excited to tour, be back out on the road, things like that. I think that fans can expect, you know my show…which it’s basically me alone… I think that I am up to work with anyone, I don’t really care who it is

DEMI CENTRAL: You filmed your latest music video for “Don’t Forget”, would you be able to tell us a little about the concept you are having for the music video?
DEMI LOVATO: Yeah, the music video is basically like me, it starts off with me on a tour bus and I am really upset singing about a heartbreak that I went through. I get off the bus and I start walking around in the rain with an umbrella. You see me, I walk to this old carousel just singing and suddenly we have this big sound of the rock… it goes into this huge personal event and like it me performing in the rain with my band and this huge water explosion and lights, it’s insane. It’s just… I am really excited about it.

DEMI CENTRAL: Do you know when the music video (Don’t Forget) is coming out?
DEMI LOVATO: Oh I don’t know when the music video is coming out, It should be coming out in about two or three weeks.

DEMI CENTRAL: I know you went to the Bahamas lately, how was that?
DEMI LOVATO: It was great. I spent a lot of time playing with dolphins and other sea animals. It was such a great experience.

DEMI CENTRAL: In one of your blogs, you mentioned about growing up and seeing yourself in a new light, what do you see as the biggest “growth” in yourself?
DEMI LOVATO: I think the biggest growth in myself is my personality, I’ve really changed over the last year. I’ve been thinking about things in a more positive way. It’s just been amazing… I feel like I’ve become a lot more… just excepting of this whole journey. Before I was just stressed about it and emotional and I know I wouldn’t be able to write about it, and now I am. I am really thankful.

DEMI CENTRAL: Being close friends with the “Jonas Brothers”, how do you think the Jonas Brothers helped you as a person?
DEMI LOVATO: I don’t know. You know, they are co-workers and we had fun on tour but I really don’t… they are so busy, I don’t get to see all of them.

DEMI CENTRAL: Is there any rumors you want to clear up that you may have seen or heard lately?
DEMI LOVATO: Uhh, No… I’m single!

After the interview, we couldn’t help but keep thanking her and she politely said thank you to us as well. It was a great interview and hopefully we have more through the year with her. Part 2 with the set of all the random questions will be added soon.

[Go to our Demi Central’s Youtube Channel for audio clips of some of the answers! – COMING SOON]

19 Comments on “DEMI CENTRAL: Exclusive Interview – Part 1 of 2!”

  1. Lucky ducky.
    She’s my role model,it would be a dream to meet her.
    She seems so sweet and down to earth.

  2. kimmy this is so cool!
    did anyone else find her answer to the jonas brothers question a little..odd?

  3. Great interview,, demi is really humble and sweet, i´m agree, her answer to the jonas brothers question was really strange, i don´t know why lately demi and joe are acting weird between them, well anyways


  4. yeah and then the camp rock 2 question she was like “some guy other than joe….” so idk if there’s something going on or something lol

  5. whats with the avoiding jonas talk?
    like the whole someone other than joe forcamp rock and at the end when she said i dont really….they’re so busy. it kinda sounded like she was gonna say i dont really talk to them anymore. possibily cause of the whole nick/selena thing


    You fans are taking it a little too far or think about it too much. She wasn’t being rude or there is nothing going wrong with her and Joe and the Jonas Brothers. She just thought it was be a little fun if her character had another love interest come on set besides Joe because if you think about it, if they had to kiss, it’s like kissing your brother.

    And for the Jonas Brother question, she didn’t know much to say that already people know about her and them being friends. Plus she’s really HASN’T seen them really, just only at the two 3d premieres lately because they all have separate schedules. They are still friends and they are also in the same production group.

    So Please, don’t make drama out of nothing.

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