SWAC Premieres Tonight!

Sonny With A Chance premieres tonight on Disney Channel. Below are the 2 episodes that will be airing.

Sketchy Beginnings
Sonny Munroe arrives in Los Angeles, anxious to meet her new cast mates on the popular sketch comedy show for teens and tweens, “So Random!” After a rocky start with Tawni, Sonny tries to impress the cast with her ideas to improve a sketch. 8:00 PM ET/PT

West Coast Story
Sonny meets Chad Dylan Cooper of the drama series “MacKenzie Falls” in the studio’s cafeteria and learns of the simmering rivalry between the two casts. When tensions arise, Sonny attempts to make a peace offering. 8:30 PM ET/PT

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  1. I watched it. West Coast Story was hilarious. Especially the last 10 minutes of it. I like how it ended too. Demi’s character Sonny has great/comical chemistry with Chad Dylan Cooper. Their arguing is hilarious. :)

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