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i love you guys.. and my twitter comments that i still don’t know how to reply to.
hahaha :)


Source: Demi’s Myspace

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  1. the picture is from the set of the movie music video for “one in the same” that they recorded together for princess protection program!(:

  2. Release Date: Feb 24, 2009; Lead Performance: Jonas Brothers; Genre: Pop

    By Chris Willman

    It may seem silly to apply the term ”grossly underrated” to an act whose every sigh or twitch is greeted by rapturous yowling. Yet any adult Jonas Brothers defender has to brave almost equally loud screams of disgust from teen-idol-phobics — as evidenced by the outrage that greeted the JoBros’ heretical Grammy pairing with Stevie Wonder. Can a mere live album stem that anti-tween tide of suspicion?

    Perhaps not, but ripened rock fans whose taste for first-rank power pop knows no biases should find their Jonas onus melting away once the ridiculous gratification of Music From the 3D Experience kicks in. The lads’ last studio album recalled Cheap Trick’s live Budokan album, except for the critical absence of mass shrieking — now appended as the boys charge through the hookier and harder-driving songs from their previous two discs. (The two clunkers, ”Hello Beautiful” and studio track ”Love Is on Its Way,” happen to be the only two ballads.) The juvie crowd’s Pat Benatar, Demi Lovato, drops by for a terrific number, as does its Carole King, Taylor Swift. And if grown-up peer pressure didn’t force you to ”know better,” you could almost swear rock was being saved for the next generation instead of ruined. B+

    jonas brothers 3d review from EW. its great that they called Demi like a young Pat Benatar. theyre review of dont forget was harsh but i guess they really like her now!

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