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We have a brand new gallery layout as you can see. The header is pretty simple and it is mostly the same design as before. We used the pictures from the Dan Hallman photoshoot. Thanks Forever & Always Designs for designing it.

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  1. hey im having troubles loading the gallery page… when i open it it just wont work.. stays blank… dont think is my connection cause ive tried with several other stuff… if you can check that it would be awesome…

  2. I have been such a big fan of your work for years, and I must say, congratulations for everything you have accomplished so far in your career.

    My dream has been in my mind for the past few weeks and I don’t know what to do!! I really want you to critique me on the 2 books that I have already finished writing. If you are interested, do you think Debby Ryan and Alyson Stoner can get their opinion of them to if you see them?


    Here is a preview of my novel!!!
    The Chosen One’s Last Dance-
    A Novel written by Jonathan Trauner

    Chapter 1- True Love Gone

    “If only,” I thought, “if only the celebrity could some day join force with the regular to make the greatest team in history?” Sure some of them are stuck up snobs and some of them are dumb as cork, but, hey I know definitely know for a fact is that Emma Conwell is my crush and for some reason I just absolutely can’t get her out of my mind, who if I had released that secret to any public newspapers or passing bystanders, I might be the most hated person in New York!! Still, I am the most hated person in Brooklyn Middle School and you can ask my girlfriend Mia too, our lives here stink on ice!!!

    Maybe I have a crush on Emma this superstar because obviously I am a huge fan of her amazing achievements as a professional actress, or maybe it is because I am a fan of her singing too! As a young kid I always loved to play sports, stay active, eat healthy, and have role models that have done many courageous things none of us had ever attempted before, and living to my full potential towards my future. In all of my entire life now so far, things never turned out the way I had planned, thought, or predicted it would result. My parents never took me places I wanted to go, all of the popular kids including Edith, Craig, Manny, and their friends too, and people at my old school always bullied me, especially Ivan von Heinrich! Did that ever slow me down leading up to this point where I had little to my name to live for already? Yes for me Ivan did slow me down a little bit in my life other than giving me wedgies every other period, beating me up every day at the end of the day, and getting me into trouble during class! Did Edith and Manny ever tease me the first time I came to Brooklyn Middle School? Oh yeah, but out of all of the bullies and challenges I have faced during that time, they weren’t really much of challenge. Was it because they tried harder or put more effort into making my life miserable? No, it was something I never wanted to happen to me on the first day of middle school when my mom and my dad dropped me off to the bus stop to meet Manny Daniel Henderson and Craig Benjamin McCoy. In the eighth grade to reflect back on my entire years of middle school, I always thought Edith, Craig, and Manny were such jerks with their friends. When I began to play football, practiced hard, and made the Junior Varsity Pop Warner Team in the Eighth grade, I had received the most doubters I could have ever faced! Still it was like the entire world put me under an intense microscope and saw everything I was accomplishing on and off the field! Mia had a conversation a week or two ago about the whole Edith and Manny conversation! Edith said her boyfriend was Craig McCoy while Craig was still dating Melissa from last month, and Melissa’s best friend Brianna was dating A.J. Sennerud who was the kicker on the football team! I know at first this was all so very confusing to understand what this whole boyfriend and girlfriend thing business was in middle school, but I didn’t really care back then! The reason was that Mia used to be my girlfriend and was the co-captain on the cheerleading team which the Student Body President A.J. Sennerud had picked by default! Always having to take orders from Edith bugged her tremendously and during that time, she got her self kicked out of the cool people’s club since she was my best friend now! The both of us were always helping eachother out in those tough times when we were always being counted out.

    There is only one challenge that I was so proud of that I was seriously looking forward to my whole entire life. Other than just making a movie in front of all of your friends and family as a 14 year old director last year, moving to a new place really got me excited to find out in this journey that deep down inside of me, my true self is hiding from me. Moving to a new place where un-expecting things can occur and where I meet new people in a new environment, it isn’t as easy as it looks, but hey I have been waiting for this moment for three years! Movers are supposed to stop by soon to go load boxes into their moving van to send down there to Malden. Also, my ex-girlfriend Mia was going to stop by my apartment and wish me good luck for the move as well. I had a talk on the phone with her just last week and gave me pleasant news. Even I was waiting for the news as well. What she told me on the phone conversation was:

    “I am moving back with you from New York Michael to Malden, Massachusetts. Here are the many reasons why…

    One, Edith and Manny were once my best friends, however since everyone hated you, started teasing you, and started putting you down I had already made the decision with my parents to join you with your new move, two, Ivan was causing so much trouble for the both of us, and three, our teachers in middle school were so selfish since they never even cared if we had an excuse for being late to class because of one of Craig’s stupid pranks again! I hope to see you soon to decide what we are going to do once we leave to Malden together and I wish us the best of luck. Love you, bye!” Mia hung up the phone and I did the same knowing that we had both been waiting for the same change for the last three years.

    Manny Henderson, Edith McCauley, and Craig McGee may have made my life miserable, but guess what I can say now that I am moving, who needs them in my life anymore!! Popularity stinks because to me it is just a trait that everyone wants to join in due to good looks, charm, and cool. Edith McCauley back in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade she was captain for the cheerleaders squad for the boy’s football teams year after year after year, she was considered by many as the hottest girl in school, and also, she was head of the fashion club three years in a row! Even when I tried to go sign up for the boy’s football team she told me right in my face, “You are trying out for the football team, as if! I here there is a meeting down for the rest of your friends, they want you to try out for the nerdy, lack of class club, or should I say the loser club! And by the way Greenwood, if you think you are going to stop us from putting you in the year book for most unlikely to succeed, try me again some other time o.k., I am going to be pretty busy this afternoon watching Craig use you as his target for his lacrosse practice!”

    Manny Henderson was pretty much the same who had very light white skin, was medium height, and was our football team’s quarterback. On our team, I only played kick return man and wide receiver since the entire personal knew I was beaten down mentally by Edith and her gang. Our football squad was one of worst clubs out there in the Pop Warner League called the Brooklyn Bears. Every year we lost at least five games and were never going to make it to the Pop Warner Playoffs. Edith and Manny Henderson doubted me from the start, pushed me down the drain, and since then I couldn’t play. As soon as they had made me angry enough to the point where I couldn’t take it any more, I displayed all of my frustration and belief inside myself all out on the football field.

    We were 7-5, and one more win we were in the playoffs. Our Bears were badly beaten, we were worn down physically, and we had to start with only Manny, Eddie, me, and eight other players that hadn’t played a down a football all year long. I had started the previous three games at wide receiver and I had caught over 11 balls that week! I began to step up like never before and Edith and the cheerleaders’ squad began to take notice; except for Mia, she was my best friend from the very beginning!! Still she didn’t think I could rally the troops and steal a come from behind victory versus the best team in the Pop Warner League the Louisiana Lightning’s whose record was an unbelievable 11-1! In New York the temperatures were in the negative temperature ranges with our home crowd freezing in the stands! We were down to the Lightning’s only 23-18 and we needed a touchdown with only nine seconds left in the game in order to win the game. The previous play during the game, our quarterback Manny Henderson went down with a groin injury which didn’t appear to be too serious from our trainer’s point of the injury. I was forced to replace them and all what Edith said under her breath was, “Here we go again, Michael is about to bring more doomsday to an already crippled city!” The opponents we had played were some of the toughest, roughest, and most talented in the league, and in all of those games we lost to all five teams. We lost to the now (9-2) Oklahoma Red Stars 34-5; the now (10-3) Alabama Southerners 23-17 in OT, the now (8-4) Dallas Texans 44-15, and finally our fifth and final loss came against the now (10-3) Pittsburgh Knights in us getting shutout 22-0 who had one of the scariest defenses in the league!

    In the end of the game I earned the games MVP honors by throwing for 96 yards in the fourth quarter including one touchdown pass in the end to seal the deal as we defeated the Louisiana Lightning 24-23 in one of the most exciting games I could recall myself. In the locker room as I was getting ready to pack up my things and go home Edith and Manny came up to me. This time their entire moods had completely changed when they saw me! Edith came up to me after the game and congratulated me for proving doubters wrong including herself and Manny.

    “Mike you did it you lead our team to the playoffs,” she hugged me and many cameras were flashing in my eyes!

    “Look Edith, I appreciate what you are telling me now, thank you, but it is going to take a lot more than you saying thank you in order to make up for what you did to me all these years,” I replied to her smiling for the other reporters who were waiting to interview me.

    “I know,” Edith responded, “but look, I can make it up to you someday! Craig knows I will somehow make it up to you, Manny knows I will as well, and you know I will too right?” I knew she was going to say that but I couldn’t just say no to giving her a chance, especially after seeing me lead our team to victory that made her as happy and as confident as I had ever seen in the world! Out of all of the people that Edith was about to become I thought she was still the same lying jerk that had been plaguing me all of these years, but in her eyes I saw a light in them that told me one day that she was going to change and change for all the right reasons.

    “Well,” I sighed, “you can, but I am going to have to think about it for a while!” All throughout the playoffs Manny got his well deserved rest while I lead the Bears to three straight come from behind wins. I had to play in the snow, in the mud, and in the hail and stormy weather. In all of those tough weather games, I racked up over three hundred passing yards, two touchdown passes per game, and I lead our team to the Pop Warner Super Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida versus once again, the Pittsburgh Knights! I always loved their defense but that test was just exactly what stood in my way of ending my final year at Brooklyn Middle School brilliantly. I knew I was going to someday graduate, I knew that I was going to be in the National Junior Honor Society because of my straight A+ average, and my community service and character displayed off the field in the many sports programs I have been involved in including the Brooklyn Bears.

    “I am so proud of you Michael, you did what no one else thought you could do,” “you believed in yourself, and you believed in us. I knew you never liked us in the first place, but you know what we all are going to do for you? We are going to make it up to you now new best friend, just wait until the game is over and I’ll tell you,” Manny told me as he lifted me off the ground and carried me up as high as I could go. He put me back down and I still heard the cheers roaring loud when we arrived back to the stadium for the championship in Florida. Edith and her squad wished me luck as Manny’s injury healed as he took pre game warm-ups to start as our quarterback, and I never knew the entire city was watching me honestly. That was when I ignored the past buckled up my chinstraps and began to play like I was in my backyard playing under the lights back in the city. All game long I took vicious blows to the shoulder, neck, legs, and knees by junior All-American linebacker of the Knights, Francis Livingston Number 58. Edith was cheering me on and that was all I needed to boost my confidence. All I needed was just the right guards and the tackles on the offensive line to give Manny enough protection from the blitz and we will be Pop Warner Champion for the first time ever. During the fourth quarter period, we were down 30-23 with eight seconds left to go in the game. Manny dropped back to pass, the home crowd grew silent, and as soon as he found the open man our tight end Eddie Henry in the back of the end zone for the touchdown, the clock sounded to zero and the referees blew the whistle. In the Pop Warner league the Overtime rules are that you played the game the next day if it was too dark to play outside in the stadium at all.

    The Super Bowl ended in a tie with both teams having to play the next day. The very next day, our team captured the title with me being the quarterback this time playing and finished off Manny’s championship performance by taking a knee. The final score in overtime in Jacksonville, Florida was the Bears 37- the Knights 30. Winning the championship, celebrating my grand achievements, and having friends who believed in me that you never thought possible, me and Edith on the day of our graduation have learned something very valuable from that experience. “The enemy of the enemy can sometimes be your friend, and even in the toughest of times, you shouldn’t doubt somebody even though you know the odds against them are so bad! Think of us and what we had to deal with all of our lives seeing many other schools doubt us and say that Brooklyn is just a borough and all. All I had ever wanted was to find out who we really were in those times, and when we won that game that I had lead them to victory, Edith, all of her friends, and the entire outlook of the school saw me as their hero. Still she would joke around with me every single day but after the game she made it up to me by putting my story in the school newspaper, yearbook, and made my name big. After that I looked back at that moment like no other saying that I was prouder more than any other individual in my hometown. That was when I knew something had happened to my old school bullies except for Ivan for sure: “Did they change themselves finally after all these years?” I took a look at the video-tape I was sent by Mia and we both saw the game together. All of the fans that day chanted my name including the opponents cheering for their fans. I just wish that I could relive that same magic and excitement again as a much older kid being in high school and not around to at least reconnect to the sports related part of my past. After my graduation into high school and realizing my parents were moving to Malden Massachusetts, I thought that I was never going to go back to New York. What my parents didn’t know and what Mia doesn’t know now is that Edith is trying to prove to herself something. She may have been inducted into the National Junior Honor Society, she may have been the destroyer of my social life, and she did make some days for me miserable, but you know what that did prepare me for. That prepared me for the future day if I became a famous celebrity figure! Right now, I am just a whole different kid who has nothing else to live for than my days in middle school which were mostly negative to me. If only I had an adventure in continuity with the one that I had playing for the Brooklyn Bears football team. If I was somehow tested again my leadership, and I could be surrounded by new friends who will mean so much to my heart, I will be able to have the greatest adventure of my life and at the right age!

    In the eighth grade I may have dealt with the best things of my life in the end, but now, I am going to have to face something else that won’t even compare to my story from middle school. I only recalled a memory that to me now is just a silent carry of the wind breezing in my face whenever I go pay a visit to my old middle school. It is almost as if I still feel Edith’s ghost is still there taunting me in the auditorium announcing what a big jerk I was for trying to try out for the football team in the first place. Three hundred and seventy five all-purpose yards later, I hate to admit this to her, but, she is not that much of an expert!!!

    Still, the past was behind me my mother told me as we were packing our things into boxes, and I had been on the black leather couch forever finishing up my lunch and my lemonade. I couldn’t believe it I am going to be leaving Brooklyn, a place that has held so many positive memories aside from the negative memories in my heart.

    I put down the phone with silence and dramatic movement and it was that moment was when I knew my life was beginning to change for the better. That change for this new move out of New York was for the better of me, for the better of Mia, and for the better of my family. We both were absolutely confounded that both me and her were moving to Malden together to live in a small town that had nothing to their name. This was the greatest feeling I have ever felt in a long time and I couldn’t have been more excited. It was like being freed from long jail sentence from federal jail and I am about to be myself for once. No more Edith, Craig, and all of those people, for once in my life, I have been given a second chance. I am going to take every opportunity on my back and take like it is my last one. Mia told me the same thing how she felt about moving with me and the both of us jumped up and down in jubilance and excitement. Mia and I were living in Brooklyn for three years and living in our own apartments didn’t feel like that was the answer to our problem. I thought when I was in eight grade my dreams were going to come true coming to New York, a place that was so promising, assuring, and grand. I guess in Malden, a small town boy who may turn out to be the hero will be the answer to their big city problem of Ivan who I have dealt with before.

    When my father told me the news yesterday, knowing that the both of us were about to move to Malden, Massachusetts together to a small but gracious city, me and Mia were ready to meet new challenges and meet new people by ourselves. We were both fifteen years old and we both new that after dating for a year now, I knew and she knew that it was time for a change. We both broke up with eachother in a meaningful way and we were still friends. It was not like the both of us cared or anything harsh like that! Still, if I had a list of miracles being kept in my pocket, the first miracle I would have been able to put down now as an experienced one was realizing I was moving to Malden, Massachusetts. From the age of three, I grew up in the Broadway City of New York, where it was always known as the City that Never Sleeps, home to the New York Yankees, and Carnegie Hall. I thought that at that place, with the personalities there, and the atmosphere there many of dreams came true. However at that moment as soon as I stepped into school, I just didn’t fit in well with the people that were in my classes, at my lunch table, or with the popular kids. I am moving to public school still, but this time it is going to be way smaller than the city and I am going to have way more friends. I started watching one of the movies Emma Conwell did and since I have been doing that, I began to get inspiration, belief, and patience in myself to take on the challenges waiting for me out on this new glory road to a better future. That was when though I really started to wonder what life would be like if that were to be me making millions of dollars and riding into the sunset with an even greater achievement, receiving fame! However I needed to relax go on and make sure I was doing this perfectly.

    My two best friends had to go through tough times this week, and Dale and Devin were so busy these days and told me recently that they were going to temporarily live in hotels until their houses will get repaired in a matter of months. Dale and Devin were able to relax in a nearby Hotel not to far from Malden, once their houses finally got close to being completely repaired. Trying to relive that tragic day where I had to see with my own eyes my friends’ houses up in flames, I couldn’t look beyond what I have seen. Emma ended up crying through the whole thing knowing that like me we both can get emotional sometimes. Long story short, it is basically that my parents are a lot busier than a booked actress or actor who still has their contracts extended to another show. Once my uncle tried to get Emma Conwell my best friend to star in my most recent new film the Chosen One’s Last Dance, but you know, it was a good thing I didn’t have to interview so many professionals! Do you know what it is like for you to try to book a famous actor or actress for your movie, and then the next thing you know they turn down your grand offer of lets say, 100K a month for 6-8 months? You ask them to make a movie with that famous actor or actress and somehow they already have 2 more years left on their contracts doing a certain television series or show and it always seems like they are always working on something related to their careers! The fact of the matter for anyone who publishes a novel and becomes popular enough to decide to make a movie out of it is that, making movies and reeling in professional actors and actresses is not as easy as it may appear! Back to reality it seems, where I only have school, happiness, and my best friends Dale Mitchell, Devin Shannon, Mia Wells, and of course Emma Conwell. I just don’t know how to explain this to all of my friends, however, it seems like her and me have both found about who we are together. Not to say that Emma and I are more than just friends, we are very gifted and talented kids in this world and I just have to give thanks to Jesus for all that he has given me in my life. Emma is 15 years old now, she is my height, has brown hair, and finally has brown eyes. Devin is a little bit taller than me, he is about 6 foot 1, and finally he is the most athletic and toughest member in our alliance. Dale is an intelligent young mind; he is about a half year older than Emma and still older than me. He has blue eyes, Maui Jim sunglasses, and finally he can be a little funny sometimes, but you know, it is not all about that or how my friends are these days. They are all my friends and I am grateful to have three great friends instead of ten weird friends to begin with! We have been given an enormous power and we became known to all as the Chosen One’s, but today I have yet to experience any challenge since two years ago when I was 13.

    I know that trying to become more than just best friends kind of reminds me of a show with all of the necessary criteria that does fit those qualities, and of course also mentioning the many people involved in that project. Still, in life I know that no matter what you try and do to change it, the fact of the matter that can never change at all, is that life has its struggles and inflicting pain. I know I am rich, but ever since I started living in my mansion, my first priority didn’t tell me it was all for the money, it told me that I had a wonderful life, and an eminent future. The whole truth from only my perspective is that, ever since I had grown up in New York, I always wanted to be famous and be proud for all of the accomplishments that I will someday achieve. Everywhere I went I saw constant numbers of celebrities getting interviewed, especially ones I have idolized since I was a kid. In the newspapers, their mansions are worth at least forty million dollars each and they have everything they could ask for in their lives. Was it designed this way that people like this in the world have this enormous power and control? Yes, but it isn’t fair for us due to the fact that we are only fans of their achievements. If only someday I can reach the top and climb to the top of the mountain of challenges I have already faced so far in the real world. In life I have learned many great lessons even to this day about facing challenges like this. I already know and so do my friends that we were given a great power and the ability to use that power. This brought me to read a quote I found on the Internet yesterday while I was writing about my current dream for tomorrow.

    That quote was said by Darwin P. Kingsley:

    “You have powers you never dreamed of. You can do things you never thought you could do. There are no limitations in what you can do except the limitations of your own mind.”

    I like to think challenges as the unsown boundaries in which they tell you that your dreams are a lot more farther than what they really appeared to be. All of the famous people in history have been dealt with that before and dreams they thought would never come true at first, but the question I have been asking myself all week was, how did they accomplish them? The answer was patience and one example Devin talked to me about yesterday was one athlete who was patient beyond many running backs that ran in the Professional League of Football. I turned on the television in my New York apartment and I saw the highlight film of one of the greatest running backs that ever lived, Jim Brown. In the fifties and sixties, the former Syracuse Orange collegiate star from 1954, in the pros, he changed the way the position was played forever. In his nine year stint with the Cleveland Browns, he won eight career rushing titles, won three MVP awards, rushed for 12,312 yards in his career, and scored 126 touchdowns. When he retired, the way he ran hard and how he ran, there was no explanation for any of it. The reason why he was able to amass many NFL records and milestones along the way was that he was patient. When defenders tried to tackle him, he either blew by the defenders with his speed, took them out with his great power, and used his elusive moves to make people miss. In 1971, Brown reached football immortality by being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as one of the greatest runners in the history of the NFL, remains the career leader for the Cleveland Browns in rushing, and is currently eighth on the NFL’s all time list.

    As soon as I learned what real patience was and how much pain he had to go through when he played in the NFL, I realized what I needed to do if I came face to face with one major challenge one day. Also, life was never easy for every famous individual today to begin with and many small cities or towns living in poverty had the worst being thrown at them. In these times, I need to have my friends help me when it counted and I need to also be myself and no one else during this journey. Sure I can make many athletes and celebrities as my role models to look up to, but I know one thing is for certain, I can never be like them even if I tried! I am not them and they are not me so I don’t think fame would be my first goal in my life. I think my first goal is more than that really; way more than that!

    When you are learning to make a name for yourself, there comes fear, patience, and the ability to say to critics everywhere, “You can say what you want, and write what you want in the newspaper, I don’t care, but I am not going to let you bother me and question my leadership skills due to the fact that I already know what kind of a leader I can be!” As you come towards the end of the road in that journey what you already have and the living with patience in order to lead, you feel like in the world today, no matter how much someone degrades you, your heart and your spirit will never be matched to challenge you for a fight. Never, not even if the opponent’s record that faces you in the battle for life is 30-0, 40-0, or 100-0!

    There was a famous quote I had read one night while sleeping in my sleeping bag in my Downtown New York City apartment. Moving to Malden, Massachusetts which was over my mind all day to day, something very important pertained to all of what I had learned when I have faced every challenge along the road that I possibly could face, other than the challenges I have been facing in my old school and at home with Mom and Dad. I really wanted to dream my dream and make it come true and yet, I still know that it is going to come at a great cost to fight for. James Dean said the following quote, and is one of the most famous quotes in the history of literature:

    “Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die today.”

    Whenever I read that quote, I always told myself that I should just live my life to the fullest, no matter what positive changes come towards me and no matter what negative changes come towards me now that I will be living in Malden for the rest of my teenage life. Now that I am in Malden, a new city means great opportunity, great reward, and a welcoming atmosphere coming in. As I was watching all of the movers load all of my things in their van for the big drive to Malden, I called Mia, Devin, and Dale and told her this was it! When Mia arrived just today at my apartment and I greeted her warmly, there was something I knew about this year. Knowing that she had already decided that she will become a new student at Malden High School/Prep School, I decided too, you know what, considering being with my friends again and getting to see them again, I am going to make the right decision for me and them. I am going to be attending Malden High School this year, not being aware of how the first day of being a freshman is going to be! I sure hope Devin, Dale, and I don’t come across anything unusual at school. They have told me about a new girl who moved from the Midwest who has already made it to school which I haven’t met before. As soon as they told me her name, Emma, it only wanted to discover what the future had in store for me even more. Right then, it hit me like I don’t know, like the electricity struck the cable box on the television and then knocked all of the power out! Emma was Mia’s friend last year from camp and little did I know what it was going to be like moving to the same place and seeing Mia’s best friend during most of our classes.

    However, right now, my first priority was to get to school with Mia first and then I would wait to introduce myself to Emma! Learning all of that and moving from New York, that was how my father raised me. He raised me as a young boy always telling me right from wrong, but somehow, someway, he never has time for me at all. Same with my mom, she offers to take me someplace and father offers too and then next thing you know, they are already down at Fenway Park watching the Red Sox play in seats behind the dugout in Game Seven of World Series!

    Right now living in Malden, I know that this was a brand new transition for me, I am so lucky and a proud young man that I have friends who love me, and that special bond that we have called the Chosen One’s is invincible, indestructible, and great beyond greatness itself. That force we have the ability to ascertain to is for all of us including the rest of the world a positive force.

    Anyway back to Emma and me, I knew that I wouldn’t be able put more on me than what I could already carry now, if one day she simply vanished. My heart if that happened would not only be broken beyond repaired, all of my friends would be in panic mode to the worst possible extent. I mean she is Mia’s best friend and if that were to happen, she wouldn’t be able to be herself, not even for a minute! Positively speaking, it would strengthen our emotional sides of ourselves, and not only will I better myself as a person, as a leader I would make a huge difference. When I met Emma, it wasn’t what happened with Dale in their dorm room, it was her personality that really resembled mine. Ever since that moment where I first met her, my entire life at school and as a whole, completely changed forever.

    When Emma and I first met eachother I had no other way to describe her looks and her intelligence. When she first applied to Malden High School, she tried to act like somebody else, pretending to not be kind since her application was not going to be accepted as her being nice, despite how unlikely it was to them that she was going to do something like this. It worked when Emma did that to make the boys respect her more as a powerful celebrity, but why does she herself think that she can do that at school and succeed without being revealed about her other own personal secrets?

    When Devin and I spoke to eachother about that once we finished our homework, we both dealt the truth:

    There is no way that is ever going to work, we both told ourselves knowing that Emma trying to fake being kind was going to be a lot harder to attempt than fake being a cool kid or someone you were not. I have known I have tried, especially about the part of pretending to be a cool kid! Even last year Devin remembers the time I wore sunglasses, a Breitling watch, and some of Emma’s ex-boyfriends cologne to Mia’s New Years Eve party last year. I don’t know how I got the cologne in time to meet everyone at the party, but as soon as I began to see Emma follow me wherever I met, I immediately thanked Dale that he was able to find out where he got her ex-boyfriends cologne to work like a chick magnet! Anyways, enough with that story about trying to be cool, which that was fun to try something new for a change! As soon as we officially became roommates in Malden High, the fun had begun! On the first day, I dropped my bags and began to take a look at my schedule for all of my morning and afternoon classes in Malden, Massachusetts, which it used to be a camp/college dorm before it became a school. When we received room assignments, Dale had dropped by my room with Devin and saw how my room looked.

    “Hey man, how is it going, let me take a wild guess… everything is going well!” Dale guessed.

    “Yeah, try learning to walk up four flights of stairs to get to my room since Mr. Lawson told me the elevators were off limits!” I had lost some breath. “Anyways, I realized that we are all in the same class together,” I added.

    “Well, I hope we are taking Health or Drama classes together because I have been studying those two a whole lot, you know, acting, directing, and making chick flicks!” Dale laughed.

    “No Dale, in Drama you don’t learn about making chick flicks, especially those two minute movies! Besides, the reason why our parents sent us to Malden High School Prep/Camp Evergreen was so that we wouldn’t have to go to our old high school further up. You know, I have the schedule for the classes we are going to be in!” I told him.

    “What?” Devin looked around quickly and then turned his attention over to me now realizing where I was speaking.

    “We have Chemistry Honors, English, Calculus, and in the afternoon, we have study hall, Math, Drama, and Health,” I began to explain starting to walk on out of the room.

    “Nice,” Dale exclaimed. “In our chemistry class, are we going to learn about, you know, boy and girl chemistry if you know what I am saying?”

    “No, I don’t know what you are saying. No one ever gets what you say sometimes, I mean use your brain, don’t create distractions!” I responded. “I mean it is not like I am actually going to be mesmerized by an ironic twist and a girl is going to walk into the room!”

    “Michael, I think someone wants to meet you!” Devin turned my head and my mouth dropped in love as soon as I saw her face.

    “Oh my god, it’s her!” I exclaimed.

    “Well, if you need any help with my best friend,” Mia began, “you can text me! I’ll be here all day!” She assured me.

    “Yeah,” Devin added, “I sure wish Michael is going to pull through with meeting Emma. There is something I know about her that Mike doesn’t know yet!”

    “What, I forgot!” Dale admitted walking towards the door to leave.

    Devin pushed him back from putting his hand on the doorknob and whispered to him the so called secret that I didn’t know about. At this very moment, I was scared, nervous, and I was still very confused!

    “What could they have been hiding from me for the past week, minute, or second I was at school, and the minute I arrived at school?” I wondered to myself getting my books set in my backpack for the first day of school.

    “If you need me Michael, I am going to be downstairs in Connor’s Cabin trying to figure out where we need to be for next period. And oh, one more thing, try not to get too much confidence in yourself even if this is the first time a girl ever even talked to you!” Devin admitted heading out of the room outside to the hallway.

    “Well, there is more than just life than girls you know,” I tried to explain to them in the utmost way of truth. And yet, Dale still didn’t think that was a priority where being attracted to someone was unnecessary. Maybe he meant that saying that girls were important as a joke, you know, with all due courtesy in the world, I am sure he wasn’t trying to offend Emma, Mia, and everyone else at school who were girls in any way who were in their lives always going through great changes.

    “Just be honest with her. From all of my 6 experiences meeting a girl for the first time,” Dale assured me being serious, “try not to be nervous, just be yourself.” “If you’ll excuse me, I am going to find out if we got any college applications from the mail; I sure hope one of them is Harvard!”

    “You too Dale, oh come can’t you see what I am dealing with here!” I tried telling Dale but as usual he didn’t have time for any of my twenty questions!

    “Well, wish you luck meeting your new friend,” Dale wished chasing Devin right behind him and racing down the stairs.

    “Wait whatever you do please don’t go! Oh what’s the point anyway, I really wanted today to be the start of something great but as of right now, this is turning out to be like me coming second in the Spelling Bee at school 3 years in a row knowing that I always finished second to that noble, undermined, mean, good for nothing, know-it-all, Edith McCauley!” Well she may have been one of the most attractive girls in school, there was one thing for certain, her attitude was the most repelling when it came down to other people trying to sit at her lunch table at school!

    I thought to myself, “Maybe speaking to someone like this new girl isn’t going to be such a big deal to me after all, and plus I haven’t met her yet! Just remember that you are old enough to realize that girls are not prizes to be won or lost, they aren’t the answers to all of your problems, and they haven’t been put out there in the world to be used to make someone jealous. I just hope that number one she isn’t going to turn out to be like Edith since popular girls or beautiful girls usually tend to be jerks, two, she isn’t going to ignore me every time I try to talk to her, and three, I just hope that the both of us come in knowing nothing about eachother! If she is in any way like me as an honest truthful and sweet person, I’ll be in for the greatest year of my life with my new best friends Devin, Dale, and Mia in which case she was my old friend from New York. Honestly, she was the only friend I ever had at school that actually new who I was, liked me for who I was, and went out on a date with me!

    I know at first this is going to take a long time trying to get to know her at Malden High School Prep, still, I just wish that hopefully she’ll make me feel more relaxed coming from New York my old home. If she makes me feel like this is more than just my home, I can finally step out of the shadows that I can never speak to someone I know by myself without a problem! I honestly have faith that whoever I am going to meet in the next thirty seconds is going to be true to her.”

    “I glanced at how the new girl looked and I was indeed impressed with who she was in that sense. I mean think of Dale, he thinks he can impress just about anybody but there was something that I didn’t know either that was going to freak me out later on and force me to leave my room for good! If he was my brother that would be interesting but at the same time frightening! Although I have learned when I was little that “looks can sometimes be deceiving,” and can sometimes be impeccable, still, that doesn’t judge anything at all about a person whether they are famous or not.” Growing up and idolizing Emma Conwell was another thing but attending my school and introducing herself to me as another fifteen year old the same age as me, I was about one step closer to accomplishing my dream. I thought personally I would have been a lot closer in stating that I am about to meet a famous superstar actress! However the one mistake I can definitely not make is ask her who her celebrity crushes are, does she have a mansion, and the famous classic everyone asks them each day while they are walking on by on the red carpet, “Can I have your autograph?”

    “Hi, I am Emma Conwell, I don’t suppose your friends have mentioned anything about me since I moved from Iowa yesterday,” she replied holding out her hand.

    “Well, I suppose not, I have been known to have my friends do the talking for me, but I can speak for myself now! To be honest, I was nervous to begin talking to you from the start and I hope that you have a great year of school!” I wished her luck.

    “Thank you,” Emma replied with an Iowa Hawks baseball cap on her head and I saw where she came from by the looks at all of her bags. Looking at not just Emma’s face and her clothing, I could tell she was one year older than me, 16, bright, intelligent, clever, and a sweet individual. She was once an Iowa girl and she was originally from the long valley of cattails of the Midwest, but Dale, I just wish he doesn’t realize where she is from because it would seriously be degrading if he made fun of her original hometown state to make her feel homesick. I am telling you though, if he makes fun of their rare use of farm talk and terminology, I would so steal a dollar from him for payback. However, if he goes one step further and says even one thing about her family and what not, he would so find himself in the Alamo with me! I am talking about not just borrowing his cologne for the end of the year dance, but I am also talking about replacing his comb with a pine-cone, and his hair brush is never going to be where he always puts it!
    As I was about ready to speak to Emma again, the thoughts of Dale maybe making fun of Emma absolutely left the confines of my conscious and I knew who she was that had made our group for saving the world a reality. She was a Chosen One, but her ability was to motivate us in times of trouble. In all my life, I never knew from my father when his great-grandfather started this organization, I still didn’t know who was the most special Chosen One and most gifted out of all of the 150 members! I thought to myself, “Hey, I could have been the most gifted Chosen One, but what do I know, I am just a 15 year old adolescent who simply wants to live like a famous kid.

    When am I going to succeed one day, when? The answer, I saw with all of my heart, soul, and attention. The answer was going to be shown to me with a test, but I didn’t quite have an idea yet of what the test was. However, as soon I was going to see those wishes being put into action step by step, and week after week, all of a sudden, I began to calm myself down. I told myself, “Once I begin the journey and venture for this important cause, I am going to remember what I said about going through that challenge, “If I came face to face with a challenge so daunting one day and it struck me in the face, you need three things: The support of your friends, The ability to have belief and confidence in yourself to look adversity in the eye, and finally, have patience in your life.”

    Now back to Emma and me, I have everything going perfectly, no distractions, no fear, and no nervousness to talk to girls anymore. Hah, I knew I was going to get out of Dale’s shadow sooner or later!

    “Anyways, I am Michael Greenwood, nice to meet you too! Believe it or not, I have also recently moved from New York over here as well,” I told her the truth about my big move to Malden and how Mia and I had to overcome major adversity to earn a second chance. Well it wasn’t really much of second chance but it was something I believed was going to happen. Emma’s smile gleamed like the shine of a million dollar diamond glistening in the sun and her face had some freckles on it but not much!

    “That is such a coincidence!” She answered looking into my eyes like she had some sort of crush on me, which I knew the first time we were meeting eachother, this was sure to be impossible!

    “Isn’t it though,” I agreed looking back at Devin.

    I took another quick look back and was so confused. I asked him, “Whoa, how in the world did you get back with Dale so quickly?” Emma also looked in astonishment also feeling the same feeling of being confused of the so called idea that Devin made it back up to my room so quickly. Oh yeah, I forgot, he had the power of super speed. So that’s the power he is most likely going to get as a member of the Chosen One’s! Still, we didn’t know we had these special powers and abilities just yet. Soon, we were going to figure out what kind of gifts these really were against the forces of evil. But what kind of evil was threatening us, I mean, we are just really good friends who are about to start their first day of high school? We are nothing more and nothing less, so I guess I should just drop the subject now, and advance to the more important parts of moving into my cabin.

    Devin and Dale arrived coming off of the elevator and they came by into my cabin and told us everything. In addition he answered my question of how he made it back up here to my room so fast and he passed us each water bottle from the coolers outside that no one really paid any attention to! Anyway, the four of us were beginning to sound great as a team of best friends but there are always going to be memories and moments where all of us are going to figure out something great together. Today was going to be one of those days and I was so proud that in such little time, the four of us were able to mesh together as acquaintances. We were the Chosen One’s, Devin knew that, Dale knew that, and of course Mia knew that too, but did Edith and Emma know that, not at all! That was the great secret that only I knew and when they will know about it is for another day! My father and my mother thought that today was just another day that I am away from their lives going to school today, but today, one of us are going to be hit with the greatest blow ever. Whoever receives the greatest center of impact of that blow with that test is going to be the leader of one of the greatest adventures to ever take place in the world! Even me being the Chosen One’s who knows about many of these secrets, I don’t even know who is going to be Chosen yet!

    “So how did everything go down there, anything suspicious?” Emma questioned putting her sunglasses on knowing that we were about to embark on a great adventure. As I looked outside at the same poverty struck area, more and more people were going to be affected but in those times, they need a great miracle. That miracle has to be going on at the right place, the right time, and the right moment in order for it to be true. When I mean that it needs to be true is that it is going to be a memory that is going to last forever, the person who lead the mission is going to be a hero, and the person’s life or lives being saved are going to be uplifted from their sorrows and from the bitter evil legion that has been a factor for our city of Malden’s corruption, poverty, hunger, and depression. I am telling you though, whoever the leader is going to be, they are going to be in for thunder, lightning, and pouring rain in the beginning of his/her adventure. Just relax Michael, if it is you I wouldn’t be entirely surprised but hey, look on the bright side, if this just so happens to be that you are the leader of this mission, you are going to be o.k. heading into this burden. I know that if you are selected, you are going to show everyone who you really are as a bright, young, and intelligent leader.

    “We went up on the elevator, and turns out, this school is like a paradise island with no trouble at all! Still, I am dying how everything is going so far with Emma!” Devin went to get his backpack and slung it onto his shoulder before he almost left the room. “Oh, so far everything is great thanks for asking,” I answered him with an honest opinion.

    “I mean really, how is everything going because by now I am sure you are finding everything shaping up to be rocky with Emma?” Dale asked.

    I ignored that question and I was about to answer him back later. However, Emma gave the answer the way I was about to administer it. She told Dale everything I was about to tell him better than I had come to expect!!

    “Look,” Emma made it very specifically clear, “Meeting Mike for the first time made me feel so relaxing and calm, and for your information, it took me a twelve hours to get here.” When I thought about it for a moment I knew that there was no way that from Iowa to Malden, Massachusetts the flight took twelve hours! Maybe if you were thinking logically you would know for sure that between those two destinations the flight took four or five hours, and it wasn’t such a burden. I could tell by the way Emma moved her lips that she was tired, exhausted, and stressed out. Trust me, I once had to travel from the West Coast to the East Coast once from my cousin Riley’s house in Montana over to Malden, there was such a major time difference I couldn’t even fall back asleep on the flight back over to my new house!

    “How in the world did you get here in twelve hours?” Mia asked her best friend.

    “Good question,” she calmed down, “in the first four hours I had to pack up my bags and say goodbye to all of my old friends, managers, and agents that were all going to move their offices to Malden. Secondly, for the next three more hours I had to go fly all the way over here from Iowa to Massachusetts sleeping tirelessly on the plane ride. Finally, for the last five hours I had to make sure all of my things that came on the plane arrived to the right location, I had to rent my limousine for the ride over here and not to mention guys, and I had to tell Sunset I had to make sure they got all of their equipment to the right place too. Talk about everyone who has been following my career for years are now going to be chasing me down every street corner from school just for my autograph, I mean, wouldn’t you want to do that one day?”

    “Yes!” Dale replied quickly taking his sling backpack and putting it over his shoulders too.

    “I feel so sorry for you,” Devin told Emma feeling a little guilty no one was feeling sympathetic for how long she had to wait to get here, “it must have been so hard for you to plan the long exhausting move on over here!”

    “Thank you!” Emma gave him a hug.

    I told her thanks as well and she gave me a hug too.

    “Michael isn’t it a miracle that you found Emma. Considering where you came from, I am sure Edith McCauley doesn’t really know too about you and Emma since she knew everything in the world about gossip! Besides Emma finding you was a miracle too! I am telling you this is a match definitely made for you in heaven!” Dale admitted.

    “Dale, how in the world do you know about Edith, you never even went to my school in New York?” I clarified to him looking back to Mia and mouthing to her the words to my recently perfected question, “How does he know that?”

    “Mia sent me videos, her email, and everything before you guys moved over to Malden,” Dale began to explain to me, “it wasn’t her fault she told me all of this information about her but tell me, was Edith ever going to change?”

    “Maybe, but never today, she was never going to change. I sorry but she was never going to do so even if she tried, she was pure torture for me!” I admitted gathering everyone around me making my statements completely lucid. I didn’t stop there, “She was so mean Dale, and do you have any idea what she did to me?”

    “What did she do to you?” Dale asked me.

    “When I was trying to run for Class President in the Eighth Grade, she wrote over my poster stating my original motto, “A Vote for Michael is a Vote for Magic,” to be, “A Vote for Michael is a Vote for the Biggest Loser in School!!!”

    “Ouch, no wonder you played for the football team, won the championship, and still was contemplating Edith’s apology whether she truly meant it or not,” Dale replied to my newest friend.

    “I know, but that was the past and it is a good thing you’re my best friend,” I told him.

    “I couldn’t agree more,” Dale responded to me back.

    “Devin, is that an Iowa football jersey?” Emma smiled knowing that it was her home he was wearing for school today!

    “Oh yeah,” Devin remembered, “my father got it for me when I was in Winchester, Iowa just last year while he and his best friend got tickets to one of the playoff games. Their football team is scary good playing in the NCAA right now isn’t it?”
    “You sure are right,” she began to speak in the accent on purpose that I knew she was going to throw into her conversations sooner or later; she continued, “their D is so nasty it is just like one of them tornados came in and wiped out our flatland cattails!”
    “What in the world did you just say? Your so dumb, your as dumb as cork! No wait I just thought of a better idea, your as dumb as a cork and a post!!!” Dale began to act like he was from Alabama. Everyone knew he had lived there for a while and had a little bit of a Tennessean accent. Also from the Tennessee Titans jersey he was wearing that didn’t even fool Devin, me, or Mia at all!

    “I am not dumb,” she began to speak in her regular voice again, “technically I know way more about Southern lingo then you! Believe me you definitely don’t want to try me!”

    “Try me,” Dale repeated the phrase she told him not to repeat again meaning she challenged her to a trivia competition as well as some demonstrations. The winner was of course Emma! However when it came down to answering tough questions about the history of bull riding and combines, Dale was the king! His father is the current owner of the Tennessee Titans football team, grew up in Chattanooga, TN, and he also was a professional bull rider for five years.

    “Look man, about before, I wouldn’t necessarily say that I have found Emma. Emma kind of met me and I saw how funny she could be so far! Plus I wouldn’t say it is a miracle we introduced ourselves to eachother just a couple of hours ago. I just have to take this one step at a time,” I truthfully responded.

    “That response about saying that we were more than just friends, I thought about it for a moment and then I recently learned that Michael is more than just a kid, he is a nice, kind, individual who moved all the way from New York City. Then you were really starting to freak me out Dale especially acting like you were from Alabama! You are from Tennessee!” Emma replied to his comment looked away for a brief moment with her head shaking her head in astonishment.

    “Yeah, I understand,” he went outside the room, “If you’ll need me for anything just give me a holler!” He did the accent again like an Alabaman would normally speak!”

    “Stop that!” Mia told him.

    “Sorry,” Dale nodded as he zipped his lips and began to read the book called Southern Pride which was a famous book and movie written and done by Emma’s two best friends from L.A. Did I also mention they were famous superstars too?

    “O.K., I respect your word. Emma just got here, and I guess the Captain of the Love Train Dale got a little carried away!” Devin corrected himself the right way.

    “Obviously, and you know what I have been able to figure out over the past few hours? I saw him steal the cologne from my ex-boyfriend and he still owes me twenty bucks!” Emma looked up at me.

    “Well that’s Dale all right, as cool as they come!” I pretended to laugh and grin getting a nudge from Devin to stop me from laughing. I was honestly nervous when I first met Emma. We both had the same views on everything we had totally believed in. Honestly if we were to have adventures involving our intelligence, one thing’s for sure, Dale will kindly be left out of it including any school project I get assigned this year that involves me getting a partner.

    “Right, Dale if I can remember correctly from to last night…” I recalled.

    “Please whatever you do don’t go there! Don’t you ever go back there to the time where Connor two nights ago on back to school night, you were about to dance with Emma and Connor absolutely blew it for you.” Mia joined in and reminded me.

    “Yeah, but Connor is my friend and I am sure it wasn’t anything intentional,” I reassured her.

    “Hey I got the applications from the mail!” Dale answered excitingly.

    “Really is one of them Harvard?” Emma started to push in front of Dale starting to see which colleges liked our SAT scores, exams, and early peaks in our academic careers. I wish it was Harvard but I am sorry, I am not an Ivy League fanatic. If I were to choose between two Ivy League schools out of the ten applications I could receive in the future, I would choose the University of Pennsylvania or Columbia University, end of story!

    “Nope, it is actually a rejection letter, but still, Syracuse is the only school that is waiting for an answer for any interviews,” Dale replied somberly. Syracuse to me isn’t so bad, however, why would I want to go back to the state where my life had first began and go to college there? Living in Brooklyn and basically having nothing in common with Mia and being great friends and all, I thought that I was never going to be in Malden now, which was the lead for me to receive a surprising second chance. I believed in a change and I got it however there is more to a change than just meeting new people in a dorm room!

    “Aw well, I guess we can wait until we can keep in touch which Syracuse when we finish this year for good!” Emma smiled beginning to take her things and leave to her cabin. “If we went to Syracuse University now,” she continued further on, “we wouldn’t be ready for the real world, expecting the unexpected, and following our wondrous, miraculous, and magical dreams!”

    “Yeah, Emma is 100% right, we’ll beckon for college when I have the courage to leave this place which can take about one more year,” Devin agreed typing more of his paper to his high school teachers that they had loved for over the past three weeks he had be writing this story.

    As Emma was about to leave, she looked at me and said something to me I wasn’t prepared to hear at all. It was almost as if the words “I need you in my life” or “I have a crush on you” kind of thing was starting to be put in the ending conversation between me and Emma.

    “You know it is so nice to get to know you and your friends. See you in class, talk to you later, and you’re the greatest!” Emma replied. My dream is to lift the city of Malden back on its feet again. In times of poverty, trouble, and in need of desperation, I am their answer. I don’t know how I am going to be the answer, I don’t know when I am going to be the answer, and I don’t know who else is going to be on my side helping me just yet, however, all I know is one true fact and it is something no one can ever take away from me.

    “I am the answer,” I told myself and that was the philosophy I needed to think of. I may not be a hero now and I may be the new kid coming into a new city, but right now Malden has seen the worst of its time in a while. Everywhere I looked there were shanty houses, and whatever was left inside the other buildings next to our school were hopelessness, fear, and doubt. I couldn’t believe that when I left New York I thought Malden was going to be in better shape than it was two years ago! After what I have learned from dealing with pain, a challenge, and struggles, you can’t let it hang over you like a storm cloud during a lightning storm. You have to yourself hang over the storm so you wouldn’t have to face the brunt of the impact in real life situations. Emma also looked outside at the conditions of poverty.
    As soon as she left with Dale to her room, I was very confused about saying that I was the answer to Malden’s unemployment rates, tough times, and bitterness. I only said I was the answer to give myself confidence and now I realize I had just given myself too much confidence! As I began to relax a little and forget about the horrid scenes I saw outside, Devin and I finished unpacking and we both began to turn on the television just before school began the next day. Out of the entire experience of me meeting Emma for the first time, it was almost as if we both came from the same point of view and or story. She moved from Iowa yesterday over here to Malden, and I did from New York to the same place. She is an honest character and or human being, and I am straightforward and terse. No matter what comes between on during this school year, I am sure we are always going to find our way out. That is when right now the real adventure is about to begin. When we began to get used to our unfamiliar surroundings, Emma and Dale became new news!

    One day, Dale had to move in with Emma and they both shared the room with each other for the start. If you were to even think about watching what was going on in their room and outside in the hotel like hallways, you might as well watch what was going on with the best seats in the house!

    Devin came in one time while I was getting ready to take a break outside and as soon as I came back in time to see him ask this question, he asked them, “Why are you arguing with eachother I could hear you both from my room?”

    Whenever they had tried to answer to any of his questions that was obviously going to lead up to Emma admitting her real identity, they would come up with an excuse that was both believable by all means and convincing to everyone else which had proved to us their point about them being just roommates.

    When I tried to talk to Dale and met him at his dorm room he told me:

    “Look man there is no way I am going to be trading roommates with you. You have Devin, and I have Emma. Case closed Michael, I am sorry to tell you that.”

    One night before any of us went to sleep, Dale figured out something that changed his life forever. None of us including me never knew what happened or expected Dale to find this out on his own but, Mia had a crush on him and right after her crush, she became in love with him. He didn’t know that yet, but when he figured out something about Em

  3. I also want to know if you are interested in Disney using this book for a brilliant movie idea or if you want to star as one of the three main characters of the book!

    I hope to send this out to Disney Headquarters in the future and see what they can do.

    Right now, I am just a fourteen year old kid whose dream of getting you, Debby Ryan, and Alyson Stoner together in a big film one day is going to be the most impossible thing I am ever going to attempt to do in about three more months.

    I am just planning right now so, let me know what you think of the fifty pages I sent previously…

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