Demi Lovato Is NOT A BULLY!

Demi Lovato’s BFF from Texas blogged on Myspace about rumors that Demi was a bully in school: ‘I am blogging to set the records straight with all of these false stories being made up about Demi and myself. All of these stories ARE COMPLETELY FALSE. First of all,

I didn’t even know demi up until the end of MY 7th grade, Demi pulled out in the 6th grade. So how could that even happen? Second of all I lived in Southlake, Demi lived in Colleyville. So there was no way we could of been the bullies because we went to different schools.

I am also a year older than demi so we didn’t even have the same grade of friends, if you understand what im saying. I am sorry for all of these ridiculous rumors going around about this, but why would she pour her heart out to all of the media if it was false. She is the most down to earth person, and if you ever get a chance to meet her, you will understand.

For the fans that have supported her, keep on supporting her. If that girl had the chance to meet every fan she had, she would. But right now there is not a time and place to fit that into her crazy schedule. She loves her fans so much and is so thankfull for everyone of you. Thank you for listening! xoxo -M’

Source: Oceanup

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