Demi Lovato: I Look Up To Miley Cyrus is back with more Demi Lovato! In the final installment of our exclusive interview, the 16-year-old dished on Twilight, school and good pal Miley Cyrus.

JJJ: I heard you were a fan of Twilight, are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

DL: I don’t know, I love Taylor [Lautner], so I don’t want to be Team Edward, but I love Edward’s character so I have to be. But yeah, Taylor is a really cool guy!

JJJ: What’s your favorite prop on the set of Sonny?

DL: In Tawni’s (Tiffany Thornton) dressing room, she has all this lip gloss everywhere. So each day, we’ll come to rehearsal and always go to that mirror. If our lips get dry, we’ll actually use the lip gloss that’s sitting there. Because it’s nice! They actually have some expensive lip gloss sitting there. So we’ll use it, and there’s like a different color for each day. It’s funny!

JJJ: As a girl, who do you look up to?

DL: I look up to Miley [Cyrus], to be honest…It’s because she has the thickest skin of anyone I know, and sometimes I’ll just go to her, like I’ll text her crying that this sucks, or whatever. She’s been through so much, yet she’s still so positive and so happy! It’s awesome.

JJJ: Are you still in school?

DL: I am actually about to graduate early. So I’m really focused on getting my schoolwork done. That’s why i don’t have my driver’s license, because I’ve been focusing on graduating before I start driver’s ed.

JJJ: What are your best and worst subjects in school?

DL: I used to think my worst subject was English, but now it’s ironic because I write music. And I’ve been doing really well in it, and I’ve been proud. But my favorite subjects are like, math and algebra. For some reason it’s always been easy for me. I finished Algebra 2 over the course of Camp Rock, which was like a month and a half. So the entire year of Algebra 2, I finished in a month and a half! (laughs) I’m just really focused.

JJJ: What’s a typical Lovato family night like? Do you guys watch TV or play Rock Band?

DL: No Rock Band… but my mom, my sister are my guilty pleasure is reality TV. It’s sickening that we like that stuff. It’s like a train wreck, you can’t take your eyes off it!

JJJ: What shows do you watch?

DL: Oh my gosh, I’m so embarrassed! I have never admitted to this before, but I will actually watch Rock of Love and just laugh the whole time because it is so trashy! And also True Beauty, but that one’s not so bad. It’s also because I spend so much time reading and writing music that sometimes i have to force myself to watch TV. I just got a huge TV in my room, too, it’s one of my first big splurges. A 46 inch! In my room! It’s cool, but it’s always just sitting there and it’s never on. All I do is watch John Mayer DVDs or scary movies. Other than that, I’ll just turn it on and I’m just like, I should watch some sort of television.

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  1. Demii I love your songs
    I swear that I admire you with my soul
    sos excelete person
    te hablare en español espero q me perdones por que nose ingles , y ya te habras dado cuenta jaja anteriormente , me encanta cuando comentas en tu Myspace por que sos re sincera , y me gusta saber que te esta pasando
    bueno te adorooo y te quierooo un mooooontonnn

  2. Whoa! isn’t it weird that Demi actually look up to Miley?! well,it’s kinda surprising! cause I thought they hate each other..

  3. i know i thought they hated each other! omg and i am like that too i barely watch tv but i mostly watch it all summer like that’s my life i memorize the disney schedule and nick sched. and i watched jon and kate plus 8

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