I have added 2 HQs from Sonny With A Chance now. One is a promotional and another one is a still from West Coast Story! Make sure you credit demilovatocentral.com if using on your own site.

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  1. Delete my other comment please :)
    But what i really wanted to say is if DEMI bullied people then well thats the past shes changed. In ellen she says people bullied her and she didn’t know why, well maybe it was because she was mean? and she didn’t know why so she wanted to get across to everyone that bullying is not a good thing, though she might have done it herself. : )
    but really
    it doesn’t matter how people were back then, it matters how they are today. : D

    okay, i’m done. i just needed to say that

  2. hey(:
    can you post this video of me playing get back by demi lovato?
    its not that good…but i just want some feedback and stuff. (:

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