Sighting Full Story- Demi Lovato and Honor Society

By fliesonthewall

As mentioned in a previous post, we recently had a Demi Lovato and Honor Society Sighting at a burger joint in Toluca Lake!

We were outside of the restraunt talking when we noticed that across the street a jeep like the one Honor Society has stopped and let two boys out. Since it was just a similarity we didn’t pay too much attention to it, but once two of the gentlemen exited the jeep and the jeep left, it was obvious that even though they were across the street that it was Alex and Michael. They waited across the street from us for about a minute waiting for the cross walk to give them the ok, and given that there wasn’t much we could do we just tried to look as unnoticeable at possible. They quickly crossed the street and were laughing as they walked directly past us, and they continued to walk towards the parking lot. We had to go to our car anyways to get our purses before going to the Toluca Lake Starbucks, so we walked to the lot as well, keeping our distance.

As we drew closer to our car we noticed that the boys had stopped outside of a white Lexus where two young ladies were waititing by the trunk of the car, all dressed up and looking cute. All four of them were gracing smiles and flirting, engaging in small talk before deciding to walk in towards the burger joint. We would have asked for a picture but given that they were with their girlfriends (or so we thought) we decided to just video tape it from my car.

They walked into the burger joint and we quickly called some of our friends who were still at the Wizards of Waverly Place taping and had them join us. Once they arrived, we decided to go inside and ask for a table for some fries and hopefully get to see them a little bit more.

When we asked for a table, the waitress ended up sitting us right next to the four of them, on what obviously was a double date. There was tons of laughs, and about an hour into being there we realized that the young ladies with them were none other then Demi Lovato and Tiffany Thorton from ‘Sonny With a Chance’. Tiffany was sitting next to Michael, and kept touching his neck and at one point michael put his arm around Tiffany. While Demi was sitting next to Alex, whom we’re pretty sure we saw kiss when they first greeted eachother in the parking lot, weren’t as touchy feely with eachother. They were all obviously enjoying themselves. It was interesting because they were not being bothered by any fans, I guess when Demi said she is never recognized in LA she was right.The dinner date was taking place close to 10pm so the younger fans that would recognize them were probably already home for the evening, and Toluca Lake is used to having younger stars grace their diners, so if anyone did recognize them, they probably decided to give them their space out of respect.

While we were surprised by the match-up at first, after seeing them in person together it did make a lot of sence. After all Honor Society was at a ‘Sonny With a Chance Taping’ , When they opened for Demi at the Wiltern on December 8th, The cast of Sonny was there, and Tiffany and Honor Society were both invited to ‘Meat Loaf Wednesday’ at Demi’s, and in the pictures did anyone else notice how close Tiffany and Michael seemed? How do you feel about Demi and Alex, considering he is 22 and she is 16. Do you think the Jonas Brothers set them up, since Alex is the Jonas Brothers old drummer, and Demi is their best friend? What about Tiffany and Michael? How do you feel about him being 29 and her being 18? We love Demi and Honor Society and hope that they are all happy, whether as friends or in relationships. It’s just interesting that their relationship, either casual dating, or an exclusive pairing, that they have somehow managed to not draw attention to that up to this point.

Sorry the video isn’t the greatest, but it is more intimidating to film someone when theyre trying to be unnoticed.

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  1. that’s fake, coz u know y?
    demi is dating joe! that’s what all the people say, even thought some may think he’s dating camilla! :))


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