Lovato-DeLaGarza’s Meatloaf Wednesday with Miley Cyrus!

Miley Cyrus uploads a new video tonight for Miley World. She talks about a lot of stuff but most important thing, she mentions how she doesn’t have beef with Demi Lovato (She’s hanging with her tonight for Meatloaf Wednesday at the Lovato-DeLaGarza Household), Selena Gomez, and the Jonas Brothers. Which, we love to hear that! You can watch it below, if you want to hear her already talk about what I said, Fast Forward to 6:18 and keep watching from them.

Youtube: BadGirlislost

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EDIT: I guess, Miley Cyrus changed her mind about attending “Meatloaf Wednesday” at Demi’s house after working out. Plans changed? Miley Cyrus was spotted with boyfriend, Justin Gaston out at dinner after working out. No meatloaf? :( Maybe next time Miley! :)

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EDIT AGAIN: Yay, she did go!

“Miley Cyrus: I Read Just Jared!”

Thu, 22 January 2009 at 9:18 pm
Miley Cyrus and big sis Brandi form a heart with their hands in the latest video from Miley’s official site, MileyWorld.

The 16-year-old teen sensation responded, again, to the commenters on some fansites. She shared, “I did go over to Demi’s [Lovato] house last night. I went to pilates, I went to Mo’s with Justin and Brandi, my two besties. Mandy [Jiroux] wasn’t there because she’s working hard. So basically my two besties besides Mandy. After that, I went home, I wrote a new song, then I went to Demi’s house and ate again because I was hungry. I had mac and cheese that her mommy made. They’re from Texas so they make some good southern food and it was yummy.”

Miley also opened up on the fansites that she does visit. She revealed, “MileyWorld is the best. MileyFans.net is awesome and JUST JARED is usually pretty accurate and really nice to me.”

Source: Just Jared Jr.

11 Comments on “Lovato-DeLaGarza’s Meatloaf Wednesday with Miley Cyrus!”

  1. haha. Yeah… I’d love to believe this, but I’m skeptical. I’ll believe it if I see pics of them actually hanging out. I don’t think they’re enemies or anything, but they don’t seem very buddy-ish to me.

  2. Maybe they both changed plans or maybe Miley was going later. Please don’t look too into this. They were talking at the Kid’s Inauguration and Demi even met Billy Ray.

  3. i think Miley did a very mean thing i would never ditch my friends for my boyfriend. I don’t know why Miley is hanging out with her anyway, she (miley) is such a bad role model and was mean to Demi in the past I wouldn’t hangout with someone who made fun of me on youtube for the whole world to see, that is just mean, Miley doesn’t seem like a very nice person, making plans and then doing something completely different, I wouldn’t make plans with her again.
    other than that Demi you rock and I love you!!!!!!!!
    Your #1 fan,
    Natasha <3

  4. i thought this was a realy good for miley to make this video and clear up some rumors about her. but idk why you guys are saying she ditched demi? how would you know? you werent there. and i also agree that im sure miley and demi are buddies/friends but i dont think they’re totally bff like miley explained it. but whatever i liked the video.

  5. y did she ditched demi thats so mean i really hate miley so much i use to be a fan but not any more and thank god

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