Demi on Dick Clark’s!

Dick Clark’s New Years Eve Countdown – Ball Drops with Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, and Demi Lovato – Youtube: xMusicMedia

[Thanks Joy]

I will be adding photos soon. Yesterday my power was off forever and didn’t come on till this morning. I missed the Totally New Year and this. So Happy new year! And i’ll update with more.

4 Comments on “Demi on Dick Clark’s!”

  1. awkard do you see how joe is not looking at taylor but she is peeking at him. i think he is pertending like she is not up there. well i guest he dont care happy new years

  2. That was pretty awesome that they were standing out in the freezing cold weatherr waiting for the ball to drop! Happy new year to everyone! Love JB & Demi & taylor!!! <3

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