’Barney’ becoming pop stardom stepping

By Associated Press
Saturday, January 17, 2009 – Added 4m ago

CARROLLTON, Texas — Barney the dinosaur, a beloved toddler’s icon to some and a cultural punching bag to others, has taken on a new role: steppingstone.

“Barney & Friends,” filmed in a nondescript office building in suburban Dallas, has lately become a launching pad for child stars shooting along the career path blazed by Miley Cyrus and a generation of Mouseketeers before her…

Barney-ex Demi Lovato, a 16-year-old from Dallas, starred with the Jonas Brothers in a popular children’s musical “Camp Rock” and is expected to be the lead in a series that debuts next month. Selena Gomez, a 16-year-old from Grand Prairie, went on to the Disney program “Wizards of Waverly Place. Both girls have signed music contracts…

Source: Boston Herald / AP

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