Rumor Alert.

There has been a rumor that Demi is “a cutter” because suddenly people saw markings on her wrist from pictures in October from Miley’s party. One of Demi’s Reps said, “These allegations are completely false. Demi was wearing several tight plastic (gummy) bracelets earlier that day which left indentations on her wrist.”

Also, of you look at the latest video of Demi with Selena where her hands and wrists are up cause of the roller coaster thing they were trying to do. She has no bracelets on and you don’t see any markings.

10 Comments on “Rumor Alert.”

  1. Yeah, this rumor is so annoying! I can’t believe some of her fans would actually believe this. I went on and on the article about this a lot of people believed it.

  2. I truly believe that it was just a simply bracelet thing because that has also happened to me before, except it was newly bought pony tail holders.

    You keep your spirit up Demi, even if you’re not reading this because so many fans believe in you :D And Thank you to DemiCentral for also believing in her :3

  3. i totally agree demi is faithful and would never do anything. +we all know that, i have had those exact markings on my wrists from this really sore braclet once and everyone though i cut myself but after they suddenly fadded away so really no one has anything to worry about Demi, she’s fine and she will always be herself :) no matter what.
    and i watched her new video and she’s not wearing any braclets and there are no markings, its simply a mistake!

  4. wow, i’ve never heard that rumor before. I know rumors are silly but this takes the i was demi i would be pissed off. why would you say that?

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