Rookies and Breakouts of 2008

This year we got to know a lot of new faces. We got to meet some teen queens, a brother boy band who aren’t named Hanson, German pop-rock stars and a pair of love-struck teens whose star-crossed love affair made teen girls everywhere want to fall in love with a vampire. We have this group of young people to thank for making 2008 the year that pop music and culture became teen-driven again.

Demi Lovato
Early this year, Demi Lovato found herself working alongside the Jonas Brothers in “Camp Rock.” She quickly scaled the Disney ranks, where she toured with the JoBros, denied she had any feud with supposed rival Miley Cyrus and released her album “Don’t Forget,” which debuted at #2 on the charts. She’s got a TV show, “Sonny with a Chance,” in the works, and we’re thinking that Demi has proven she’s worth her weight in mouse ears.

Source: MTV [Thanks Tina]

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