Demi Lovato Won’t Date a Jonas Brother

Demi Lovato may be super close to the Jonas Brothers, but the Camp Rock star wants to make one thing clear: It’s a platonic friendship.

“I’ve never kissed a Jonas brother, period,” Lovato, 16, tells Seventeen’s prom/winter special issue. “That would be kind of weird. Even in Camp Rock, Joe and I never kissed.”

“We’re all friends,” she says. “But they’re not the type of guys that I’d be into dating – or else I’d be dating one!”

Lovato opened for the brothers on their Burning Up tour, and says that being around them all the time created a sense of family.

Each Brother is Different
“They’ve become like brothers to me,” she says. “I even put on my glasses and wear sweatpants around them because you wouldn’t put makeup on for just your brothers.”

Lovato reveals she has different relationships with each one. She says Nick, 16, loves to talk about conspiracy theories with the actress. But she feels closest to Joe, 19.

“I can definitely call Joe a best friend,” she says. “On one of the first nights of filming Camp Rock, we sat there and spilled everything, and I talked about how I was bullied in school when I was younger. It was emotional, but it brought us close. I’m able to go to all of them with my problems.”


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  1. That is very cool that she is able to have that kind of relatioship with the guys and not worry about liking them in a way that could cost their friendship! Hey, check out my site!

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