Demi Lovato Does Not Self-Mutilate, Reps Say, Blaming Wrist Wounds On Gummy Bracelets

Dec 12 2008 12:39 PM EST
Actress’ publicists respond to speculation based on photos from Miley Cyrus’ birthday party.
By Jocelyn Vena

Demi Lovato at Miley Cyrus’ Sweet 16 party,
where the marks (inset) were spotted
Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

On Thursday, pictures of Demi Lovato circulated the Web showing the actress/singer at Miley Cyrus’ Sweet 16 party in October with strange marks on her wrists. The marks led Perez Hilton to make serious accusations that perhaps the 16-year-old “Camp Rock” star had inflicted the wounds on herself, implying that she is prone to self-mutilation.

In a statement to E! News, the singer’s rep denied Hilton’s claim. “Demi was wearing gummy bracelets just prior to her appearance on the red carpet and, because of how tight they were, they left indentations on her wrist,” publicist Allison Leslie said.

“These allegations are completely false,” her other rep, Lillian Matulic, told the New York Daily News. Perez Hilton later posted the reps’ statements on his Web site.

The busy teen star — who has admitted to being a closet metalhead — burst on the scene earlier this year when she starred in the Disney Channel movie “Camp Rock,” alongside the Jonas Brothers. Her first album, Don’t Forget, which the Jonas Brothers helped write, debuted at #2 earlier this fall. Lovato is currently working on her new Disney TV series “Sonny With a Chance,” slated to premiere early next year.

“I play Sonny, who’s a girl from Wisconsin, and she kinda sticks out like a sore thumb, ’cause she’s very quirky and very over the top,” Lovato cheerily told MTV News in October. “She comes to L.A. to be on her favorite TV show. It’s like ’30 Rock,’ but for the Disney Channel.”


7 Comments on “Demi Lovato Does Not Self-Mutilate, Reps Say, Blaming Wrist Wounds On Gummy Bracelets”

  1. I knew she didn’t cut herself.They’re just stupid,false rumors.And it bugs me.Demi wouldn’t do that.
    I love you Demi,I will support you through whatever.

  2. I will always support Demi through everything she does! She did not cut herself! They don’t even look like cuts. People are just trying to grasp at anything they can to make people from disney look bad! It is very annoying! Love ya demi!

  3. I am a big Demi Lovato fan and I really try to believe this is not true but if it were bracelet marks they will be around the wrist. It could also be a scratch,if she has pets. Well I really hope it isn’t true because to me she is a smart talented girl that knows better. And if it is true or not I hope she finds help and guidance in God.

  4. Demi, Ya see i wear extreemly tight braclets and people thought it was me cutting but no its the tight braclets and she wears alot of tight braclets!!!

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