Cheers and Jeers

It may seem someone didn’t like Demi Lovato’s singing at the Dallas Cowboys game. In my opinion, she did amazing.

Jeers: To Jerry Jones or whoever selected Demi Lovato to sing our national anthem at the Thanksgiving Day game. As a retired soldier and three-time combat veteran, it hurts me to hear someone embellish, alter or change the song that represents America.

— Nat Fralia, Fort Worth

Source: Star Telegram

8 Comments on “Cheers and Jeers”

  1. yeah i thought she was amazing! what is that guys problem? ive heard people change the national anthem wayyy more than she did

  2. I agree with Emily. People change the national anthem most of the time, why is this a problem now? And why is she only referring to Demi?!

  3. helloooo
    he’s a retired soldier, not a singer, for god’s sake
    demi has the most amazing voice on earth!!!!!
    whoever doesn’t agree (that her voice is amazing beyond compare) must be somehow, i dunno, sick??!!
    or not human

  4. OH MY GOSH!
    how could anyone think she did bad!?
    demi did absolutely AMAZING!
    that just goes to show, some people dont know what real music is and what it means to have a pure voice.

  5. She did amazing, i´m not american and i almost cried with her presentation because was beautiful and emotional

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