This Is Me In Spanish!

Okay, a lot of you have sent in Demi singing This is me in Spanish. So here is a video:

7 Comments on “This Is Me In Spanish!”

  1. i hope that this song don’t sing demi!! because I can’t understand anythingg, I am chilean,, I speak spanish everytime, I live with the spanish arround me, and I didn’t understan very good.. I just understood, “lo que soy es real” lol

  2. Hola, bueno, yo no sé si es ella o no pero se le entiende bien, y eso es importante, por cierto, si es ese su asento cuando habla español, ¿cómo será mi asento cuando hable inglés? yo, que soy pésima hablandolo

  3. Hi, good, I don´t know if she´s she or not but she´s understood well, and it´s important, certainly, if it´s this her accent when Spanish speaks, how will it be my accent when I speak English? I, that I´m terrible speaking it

  4. i knew it was it her by the voice its good i never heard her sing an english song to a spanish song. that is my favorite song :).

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