OK! Magazine interviews Demi!


THU NOVEMBER 06 2008, 5:00AM
So, her best friend is Selena Gomez and her “boys” are the Jonas Brothers, but there’s much more to Demi Lovato than the singing-and-acting sensation made famous by Camp Rock and her debut album, Don’t Forget.

The 16-year-old beauty, who can’t live without her BlackBerry, has a dog named Bailey and is the middle child of two sisters, ages 20 and 6. Her full name is Demetria, her nickname is Dem, and she doesn’t remember the last time she was grounded. “My parents and I are very close,” she says. “It’s been a long time.”

What’s her tour must-have?
“It’s a blow-dryer for my hair. When I get offstage, I’m sweating like a dog, so I’ll probably need to blow-dry my hair because it’ll be wet.”

She calls out Hayley Williams of Paramore as her fashion plate.
“She has great style in her videos. I look up to her.”

She tells me she hopes to be “the girl version of the Jonas Brothers” in the style department, but beautywise she looks no further than her mirror.
“I like to try and emphasize what I have, and not really look at other people,” she says.

But Demi isn’t shy about giving props to her Disney Channel role models.
“Definitely Hilary Duff because she carried out a great career and she’s still going. And Christina Aguilera. She was on Mickey Mouse Club, and look at her now. She’s gotten so far.”

What does Demi want to be when she grows up?
“When I really, really grow up, I would like to continue this and also work as a director and continue writing.”

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