La La Land Shoot Photos

I have added 69 More Medium Quality images to the gallery from the “La La Land Music Video Shoot. Remember if you use anywhere, please credit

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  1. demi you are super awesome and prettyfull (my made up word) You are my role model and the best singer in the world next to the jonas bros

    luv ya

  2. this vid looks intensely amazing. thanks for the update! she looks utterly fabulous in all these pics. =]

  3. are the other people in the video from Sonny With A Chance? The guy with her when she’s in all pink is on there I know that, and the guy when she’s on the fake talk show is in the show too, I think…

  4. omg that’s so cool the cast of sonny with a chance are going to be in the video. i see sterling, brandon, and doug in the background of the pictures

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