Sonny With A Chance Episode summaries.

Thanks to Jesse, below is some details of a few episodes for Sonny With A Chance!

Season 1: 2009
# Title Written by Directed by U.S Air Date Production Code
“TBA Premiere” February 24, 2009 101
Sonny auditions for TV show, TBA, with best friend Shannon. Sonny gets the part, but Shannon is rejected causing an argument between the friends.

“West Coast Story[1]” 102
Sonny starts to pack, and her friends help her get ready for her first episode. “West Coast Story” Tara has a crush on Nick, Sonny’s co-star
The title is a reference to the musical, West Side Story.

“Three’s Not Company[2]” 103
Sonny and Nick are planed to have a kiss in the next episode of TBA, so they go on a date to get to know each other. Tara, who loves Nick, tags along to prevent them from becoming more than friends, and jeopardizes her friendship with Sonny.
The title is a reference to the sitcom, Three’s Company

“Cheater Girls[3]” 104
Sonny realizes she too as feelings for Nick. Her and Tara have a bet to see which one can date him. Sonny cheats to win the bet. While Nick realizes he has feelings for Sonny’s friend Shannon, who despises him.
This title is a reference to the girl group, The Cheetah Girls.

“You’ve Got Fan Mail[4]” 105
Sonny gets her first piece of fan mail, and Shannon and Tara get a little jealous when they realize her fame. Nick convinces Sonny to remain herself, to win back her friends.
The title is a reference to the expression “You’ve got Mail”.

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