Ocean Up Mentions Demi’s type!

“Demi Lovato Boyfriend, What’s Her Type?” – Ocean Up – Read More

Now that Demi Lovato and former boyfriend Cody Linley are ‘on a break’ Popstar! decided to ask her what type of guy she’s into.
Dem dished: “It’s really weird because Cody’s like the complete opposite of what I would normally be attracted to! It’s just because I’ve known him for so long that I’ve known the real side of him.
Normally, I go for the tight pants, the whole all black [outfits looks]… I love rockstars. The bad boys, the bands. People associate that to the Jonas Brothers, and that’s weird, those guys are like my brothers, l don’t think I could date them. But, no.. just like Boys Like Girls and The Academy Is…”

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  1. hey i love ur music and ur vice i jus wanted to kno if u can send me a peice of ur favorite song that u written and a blog thankz demi please i need it for my school in lynnwood at sandrigde

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