I hope you guys like the new layout I made. Thanks to the lovely, Rocyl for helping code the layout! We KNOW it’s a little too pink for Demi’s taste/style but it matched the photos from the event she went to in those photos.

We might change it real quick back to the old one for HALLOWEEN because we have new images to put in the slideshow, then remove it after November 2nd, and then go back to this pink one for a few weeks. We will see!

Edit: Back to old layout! We are staying with the old layout for Halloween because we have new images to put in the Slideshow. Plus we have a few kinks to fix in the new layout since it stop showing previous entries.

7 Comments on “NEW LAYOUT!!!”

  1. i like it! its cool. but i think the previous layout shows more of Demi’s personality. but its ok. maybe im just that fan of black. hehe, i love black. but also pink, so i dont have problem with that.

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