Magazines, Magazines, and More Magazines

Adding a ton of scans, so just click each thumb because it’s something different!

x09 – Bop December 2008 – Credit DemiCentral
x09 – Popstar! November 2008 – Credit DemiCentral
x10 – J-14 October/November 2008 – Credit DemiCentral
x07 – Twist October/November 2008 – Credit DemiCentral

2 Comments on “Magazines, Magazines, and More Magazines”

  1. awsome magazines and they are really good love the website keep on goin make more updates yhu rock yhur awsome i bet demi is appreciating everything yhu doin for her
    love Lilianna

  2. I already have that magazines it’s really great I really like them and I’m a Demi holic and JB holic and selena holic I really like them I was online everyday just to chat with them ahaha lol I really really like them and hey demi like your song ”forget” and selena I like your song ”tell me something I don’t know” and JB I like your song ”burni’n up” I’m a huge fan of yours and you too demi and selena. love you guys!!! mwuah…

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