Kimmy meets Demi Lovato.

Like Emily said, I went to the Big Fresno Fair, it was my birthday present to go see Demi Lovato. I got a chance to meet Demi (including her mother, Madison, and her band). All photos will be posted sometime tomorrow night when I get back home from Fresno. Also, we do have a greeting too and videos which will be up sometime tomorrow night or monday. :]

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  1. I think this site is trying to copy…and are like everywhere. how many websites do you have? 20?

  2. Lizza,

    I am actually cool with My Nick site is family sites with them. I am proud of them doing Demi’s official fansite since they were the first Demi site before anyone when I use to have Gal Central. Her mom and Demi actually apperciated that I run this site with Emily. We aren’t trying to copy since we aren’t the official fansite. We just have this site since it’s to help promote Demi. No harm to it. Plus, I don’t get what is wrong having more 1 fansite on celebs.

  3. Omg kimmie u r sooo lucky I wish I was u!!! I’ve met u at a shoreline concert im not sure if u remeber me. But its so amazing how ur helpin stars get known around the world and ur in colledge idk how u even get the time 2 do this but all ur fansites give me the 411 on everything thanx soo much

  4. It’s not that much a PROBLEM, more of an annoyance. I just feel like every site that grows, you become a part of. Especially fansites of disney stars. It was especially annoying during the time camp rock was about to premiere. Nobody even goes to camp rock fan anymore..barely.

  5. To Liza, if you’re so annoyed with fansites then why are you visiting them? If Kimmy wants to help out with celeb sites that her choice not yours. Mind your own business! What if Kimmy idolizes the celebs she wants to promote? Is there a problem with that? So what if they are disney stars? I don’t see anything wrong with that. Don’t stereotype people. They are stars non-the-less. So if you’re annoyed with fansites get to steppin’! This site and Kimmy don’t deserve your negativity. They are trying to promote Demi and her career!

    Keep doin’ your thing Kimmy!

    Don’t listen to the haters! They are just jealous!

  6. Lizza,

    I never ran Camp Rock Fan. The girl who created it, my coweb from Nick J Online ran it before. She doesn’t own it anymore. And hey, it’s your opinion, You can feel that way about me if you want. I just love promoting and doing website on celebrities. The people I make sites on are usually the people I admire even if they are Disney Stars.

  7. Hey, I think I saw you there! :)
    You were by the gate and Demi’s mother said, “Demi Central?” And let you guys in, then you took a picture with Madison? Unless, I am mistaken.

  8. hey kimmy! do you live in northern california? b/c if you that is awesome i live in palo alto next to mountain view!

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