Demi Lovato Wants To Hit Road In A Hybrid!

LOS ANGELES (October 20) – Demi Lovato performed in the concert at the City of Hope charity event and talks to about turning 16 and wanting a new hybrid car.

Even though this starlet’s work schedule is keeping her almost too busy to take her driver’s test, Lovato told correspondent Michelle Hummel that her new car will be environmentally

‘I said in an interview a long time ago that I wouldn’t drive a car unless it was a hybrid so my parents laughed and I was like yeah let’s get a Mercedes and they were like yeah- those aren’t hybrids,’ Lovato giggled.

But Lovato does find time to use her celebrity status as a platform to help important causes such as performing for at the City of Hope concert. She is also focusing her attention on her new Disney show where her character Sonny goes to Hollywood. ‘She’s from Wisconsin and I’m from Texas and we both come to Hollywood and we still kind of stick out like a sore thumb,’ Lovato said comparing herself to the character.

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