Dealing with Mean Girls again!

Demi Lovato revealed to Twist Magazine how at not so long ago concert, Demi Lovato felt like she was dealing with “mean girls” all over again. Several people in the audience mocked and made fun of her while she was performing. Ocean Up posted all the details.

Demi Lovato ‘Mean Girls Mocked Me On Stage’
demi-myspace.jpgAs most of you know, Demi Lovato was harassed by ‘mean girls’ at school which led her to being home school. Adding to her pain, Dem revealed to TWIST that she was mocked by girls while performing at a recent concert:

‘It was hard. It threw me off.I forget the words.They really got to me.’ Thankfully BFF Selena helped her deal with the new trauma. Sel spilled, ‘Demi cried, called me and said:

I feel like I’m back in Texas where I dealt with mean girls
in school!’ I tried to be there for a her and said, ‘You’re a good singer and everyone knows that.’ There’s always going to be girls who are mean.’

So, a few nights later at another concert another group of girls were mocking her again. Demi said, ‘I saw the same type of girls making fun of me and I came to them and said:

‘I want to give a special thanks to this group right here for being such a great audience! you guys are so into it, I love it! I totally called them out during the show!’

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