Past concerts photos needed!

We want to start adding concert photos people/fans from previous concerts.

If you (or a relative, friend, etc.) went to a previous concert where Demi Lovato performed, please do not hesitate to send in your photos for our gallery! The best way when sending your photo is to choose your best ones (nothing too blurry) and send them as .ZIP folder(s) (how to on a PC, how to on a MAC) then attach to the email. Don’t forget to include the following in the email(s).

Name of the person who took the photos:
Date of Concert:
Venue of Concert:
Location of Concert:
Your Name:

Edit: I have added a few photos from the performance/m&g from Lisa Marie G. (June 15, 2008 and Six Flags Chicago). More from concerts and this one concert coming soon! We are getting more disk space for these photos.

Six Flags (St. Louis) – June 15, 2008 – Thanks Lisa Marie G.

Six Flags (Chicago) – June 22, 2008 – Thanks Lisa Marie G.

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