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“Fall brings fresh crop of music from female acts” – Chron – Read More

…Camp Rock turned little-known Demi Lovato into the heiress apparent to Cyrus’ throne. Disney isn’t wasting any time, releasing the Dallas teen’s full-length debut disc (Don’t Forget, Hollywood) a mere three months after her star turn as Camp cutie Mitchie. The real surprise is the potential bubbling just beneath Lovato’s perma-smile.
At its best, Don’t Forget casts Lovato as a female counterpart to the Jonas Brothers, her touring partners for much of the past year. The sibling superstars co-produced her disc with John Fields, filling it with jangly guitars and big backing choruses. (They also co-wrote several songs with Lovato.)
Beatles-esque melodies anchor Trainwreck, and Gonna Get Caught has a rousing arena punch. First single Get Back is undeniably kicky, and Lovato manages some surprisingly credible rock wails.
She sings about eating at McDonald’s and wearing Converse during La La Land, and several songs are about being independent and/or broken-hearted. (Isn’t that every song by a Disney girl?) The title track is a breathy, cracks-and-all confessional that cranks into a heavy guitar break. It’s an age-appropriate blueprint laid out by Hilary Duff and Cyrus.
Lovato’s voice is at times too earnest, still in the humble-girl mode of Camp Rock. And her rock tendencies sometimes dwindle into unmelodic misses (Party, Two Worlds Collide). On the Line, a formal pairing with the Jonas Brothers, is innocuous when it should be edgy.
But at 16 years old, Lovato shoud be allowed some wide-eyed wiggle room. Don’t Forget does its job and leaves her room to grow…


“At sweet 16, Lovato’s ready for her close-up” – Boston Globe – Read More

Demi Lovato
Don’t Forget (Hollywood)
ESSENTIAL “Don’t Forget”

Demi Lovato is the latest 16-year-old called to the majors from the Disney Channel farm team. She has a giant smile, likes the colors red and black, and wears scarves, hats and Converse shoes. On her new debut, “Don’t Forget,” out today, Lovato throws her red leather gauntlet at Miley Cyrus’s feet.

In terms of sound and style, the two aren’t far apart, so Lovato has adopted the alternative narrative of the pop newcomer. The act is appealing but won’t last long. Lovato has already mastered the limited range of skills required of today’s pop starlets: the vulnerable-kitten verse, the banshee-shriek chorus, the stiffly sexy whispered asides. She rhymes “we used to be so strong” and “our love is like a song” without irony, and, showing her Gen-Y stripes, she forcibly rhymes “everything’s the same” with “the La-La land machine” – pronounced, of course, “ma-SHAYN.”

Despite the ubiquitous and annoying studio ornamentation here, it’s hard not to like Lovato. She has a big, bad voice that she deploys effortlessly, and she co-writes many of her own songs. The single “Get Back” is a welcome girl-rock hit, and the title track is an absolute pop winner.

The Jonas Brothers join her for the breakup duet “On the Line,” and Lovato shines. She easily sings circles around the boys, sounding mature, confident, and deserving of all the mega-celebrity certain to come her way. [Judy Coleman]

“Camp Rock beats HSM” – Metro UK – Read More

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Television movie Camp Rock scored more viewers during its premiere weekend in the UK than Disney’s previous offering High School Musical.

The musical film – which stars the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato and Alyson Stoner – was watched by 2.4 million viewers during the 20 screenings on the Disney channels in the UK last weekend.

According to Disney, the results make it the most successful non-sequel ever on the channel, surpassing High School Musical by 23 per cent.

The Disney TV movie follows the story of a talented yet unsure teenager, played by Demi, and a hot-headed young pop star, played by Joe Jonas, who has lost his passion for music and needs to find it again.


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